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Looking for an affordable organic mattress? Alright! This mattress is 100% natural organic Cotton by Oliver Smith. It is very affordable (under $200). This mattress is the best mattress at Amazon for its great performance! It has Ventilated Cooling Memory Foam – Highest Rated Non-Toxic Foam. 100% Green Foam Certified Foam.

In this article, we are going to tell you why Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Pocket Spring Mattress is one of the best mattress at Amazon.  And why you choose this organic mattress.

Every day you spend a lot of energy that is why comfortable sleep is necessary for your health and well-being. Your bed should provide you with enough comfort, softness, support and relax. The time when the whole body may recruit its forces and relax is while sleeping. That is why you sleep should be as comfortable as it is possible.

Nowadays, you may choose and buy differently in size, color and firmness bed. As you know, the bed is not all. It simply performs a supportive function for the mattress. You should know that sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause strong back pain. The reason for such a problem is the lack of mattress’ support. It strengthens the uncomfortable poor sleeping position, does not allow your head, neck, legs, and spine to relax. Instead of performing a protective painless function, your mattress may reinforce pain. So, if your bed is not enough good for you, the first step which you should do is to buy a new one, which will be ideal for you.

Oliver Smith is one of the most well-known brands, which production is widely used all over the world. It has a big mattresses’ variety for different public tastes. One of them is a new Oliver Smith pocket springs mattress. Including cool memory foam and euro pillow top, it will help you to refresh your strengths.

It has 4,5 out of 5 stars rating.


About Oliver Smith Mattress:

Oliver Smith is a semi-hybrid mattress. This means that it combines a plush pillow top cover and an innerspring base. What we are looking at here is the 12-inch model. But you could also get it in 8-inch and 10-inch configurations.

The 12-inch mattress is available in 3 sizes;  full, queen, and  King. It also offers several firmness options; low, medium, and high. Its 12-inch thickness is a combination of 6-inch memory foam and a 6-inch coil system. Its cover is made of organic materials and the coils have been individually pocketed. Thus, it promises a healthy sleeping surface with targeted support, minimal creaks, and reduced motion transfer.

The Oliver Smith 12-inch Pillow Top hybrid mattress is a sibling to the Oliver Smith Feather Sleep. This is yet another organic hybrid mattress that uses green tea-infused memory foam and a 7-inch coil base. From a competition viewpoint, the Oliver Smith Pillow Top mattress competes favorably with the Classic Brands Mercer.

This is a new release in pillow top hybrid mattress space. The major difference is that it features an 8-inch innerspring system. It’s also a few bucks pricier.

Key Features of Oliver Smith Organic Mattress:

This Oliver Smith organic mattress includes independently pocket coils and Cool memory foam. This mattress is the best mattress ever for the great price. Its combination provides your back with necessary support and comfort. Its construction may be one of the best variants for those who suffer from back issues. Having Pillowtop and Comfort Plush feel this item provides support but is still soft.

Key features of Oliver Smith 10 Inch mattress


This Memory foam mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses. Moreover, it is a luxury mattress.  Both with ventilated non-toxic cooling memory foam and a number of 600 independently-encased coils, your spine may provides appreciate pleasure, comfort, and support. So, you may feel very well and fresh.

A number of 600 independently-encased pocket coils creates an equal weight distribution, lessens neck pain, back pain, leg pain along the body.


Affordable Organic Mattress by Oliver Smith


Moreover, these independently–pocked coils help you to reduce motion disturbance and provide a deep sleep not only for you but for a partner too. Such pocket construction has another positive side. Each coil is wrapped with reliable material, which extends the coil’s functionality. It protects them from popping out or breaking. In addition, this firm reliable wiping the material of the coil may help your mattress to stay in perfect shape for a long period of time. The mattress provides your body with reliable support and releases back pain provides it with necessary alignment, prevents muscle soreness in the morning.

This medium-firm mattress provides more back pain relief than firm mattresses. Why? Because sleeping on the firm mattress may cause pain on pressure points. That is why mattress firmness is a very valuable feature which is strongly dependent on proper back support. A medium-firm mattress may be more comfortable because it allows the shoulder and hips to sink in slightly. Patients who want a firmer mattress for back support can get one with thicker padding for greater comfort.



  • includes 100% natural organic cover;
  • Ventilated Non-Toxic Cool Memory Foam;
  • independently pocket 15-gauge coils;
  • it has Euro Pillow Top, which provides your body with additional softness and comfort;
  • 100% Green Certified Foam.


  • somebody considers that this mattress is firm.
  • Not the best edge support
  • Has a slight chemical smell but not overwhelming
  • People with big body frames might feel the springs






Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Pocket Spring Mattress Video|10 Inch | 20 Year Warranty

Oliver Smith Organic Cotton 10 Inch Pocket Spring Mattress | 20 Year Warranty

Comfort Firm Sleep-Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress-Green Foam Certified . Available in Queen, Full and King in White.



Things to consider before buying a hybrid/organic mattress:

Let’s start here: what is a hybrid mattress? Of course, you already know that this is a mattress that combines at least 2 mattress technologies, right?

However, it’s important to note that there exists a very blur line between quality hybrid mattresses and innerspring mattresses. Actually, there are lots of manufacturers who market substandard innerspring mattresses as hybrids. The major difference between these 2 beds is that hybrid mattresses have a generous comfort layer than innerspring alternatives. In addition, hybrid mattresses have flat tops as opposed to the tufted design of innerspring models. It’s also worth bringing to your attention a new offering in this category; the semi-hybrids.

These are the latest entrants and feature a pillow-top cover on top of a coil base. The Oliver Smith mattresses falls under this category. Albeit a little bit different in terms of design, these mattresses offer pretty much the same benefits that the hybrids offer: a high degree of comfort, pressure relief, and top-notch motion transfer reduction.

Generally, here are the key factors that matter when buying a hybrid mattress

  • Size- get a mattress that will fit on your base; twin, full, queen, or king
  • Comfort materials- consider the type of material that the manufacturer uses for the comfort layer. Of most importance, go for mattresses that use certified materials without toxic contents
  • Density and Firmness- these 2 aspects determine how soft or firm the mattress will be. They also speak volumes about the level of comfort and durability.
  • Durability- innerspring mattresses are not as durable as memory foam and latex mattresses. But, of course, you don’t want a mattress that won’t give you good value for your money.

Basically, a hybrid mattress with at least 2.2lb density and 28 to 30 ILD caters to most people with average height and weight. People with a large body frame need to consider mattresses with a high ILD (36-40) for better support.

On this note, pay close attention to the number of coils and gauge and the quality of the comfort layer. In addition, it’s always advisable to buy from a reputable manufacturer. Previous buyers’ reviews and feedback will also give you a reliable glimpse of how durable the mattress is.

Oliver Smith Mattress Features Review


Oliver Smith Mattress Top Covering:

As you know, covering is a very important part of every mattress look. Mattress’s quality and comfort in strongly connected with its fabric cover. So, it may be synthetic or natural cover. The Oliver Smith mattress consists of 100% Natural Organic Cover, which is made of eco-tex cotton. Made from 100% organic cotton it is specially designed to provide a natural, breathable protective layer for your mattress.


Luxury comfort design with multi-layer construction

Oliver Smith Mattress Foam:

Ventilated Non-Toxic Cool Memory Foam protects your mattress from overheating, permitting your body to breathe without hot or cold feel. Foam mattress has a capacity to repeat the body contours, providing individual body support. Memory foam absorbs body movement it is ideal for you and your partner. Moreover, this comfortable, soft, flexible, cozy mattress is long lasting. This Oliver Smith mattress has a 20-year guarantee.

Oliver Smith Mattress Coil System:

This mattress is equipped with independently superbly pocketed 15-gauge pocket coils. Being packed into the special firm fabric, your bed will provide you with extra comfortable support.

These 600 of coils hug your body and support it from all the sides. Mattresses with more coils and thicker padding tend to be higher quality. When you want to rest on the bed, the mattress will not squeak, because of additional memory foam. Cool memory foam softens the top cover of the mattress. Moreover, you will not sink in its softness. Instead of this your body may rise to the comfort occasion.



Ventilated Cooling Memory Foam

Oliver Smith Mattress Euro Pillow Top:

Euro Pillow Top combines the features of Pillow Top and Euro Top.  It is made for additional softness. It is created for those, who want an extra layer of softness, like a gentle soft pillow. It hugs your body, taking care of your comfort and quiet sleep.

Comfort Plush Feel Of Oliver Smith Mattress:

This is ideal for people with back issues. It provides a balance between the firm springs and memory foam. So, you may not feel discomfort for your back, only good support and pleasure. The plush mattress provides stable support to your body without sinking feeling. It has the softness of a pillow top mattress but is enough firm to provide strong body support. This mattress feature is recommended for back and side sleepers.  A word combination “plush surface” is used to describe a softer surface that provides good and soft support.

Oliver Smith Mattress – 100% Green Foam Certified:

Green foam mattress replaces petroleum-based ingredients with a natural alternative. Soy and castor beans are plant-based popular sources for their widespread availability. Some discoveries have shown that green foam is better than ordinary foam or gel foam. It has a neutral temperature. Moreover, it allows you to sleep cooler.


  • Want a memory foam mattress but hate sleeping hot
  • Would like a mattress with extra padding on top
  • Are looking for a mattress with a good amount of bounce
  • Want a mattress that offers pressure point relief without caving in
  • You want a luxurious but affordable mattress
  • Don’t want to spend so much on a new mattress
  • Want a supportive yet comfortable mattress
  • Sleep in multiple postures- this mattress’ consistent firmness and plush pillow top make it ideal for most sleeping position
  • Want a mattress with a great design- this model’s great design is evident right from the cover


  • The area of light sleeper and get distracted from sleep by the least motions from a partner or pet
  • Are looking for an entirely natural mattress- while this mattress has some organic components, it is not entirely natural.



Besides the construction components, the next key selling point of any mattress is its firmness or feel. This highly determines the sleeping postures that the mattress supports. The Oliver Smith has a plush level of comfort thanks to its pillow top and innerspring base combo. I understand that this firmness type might be quite intriguing if you are not familiar with it. Basically, this mattress has the softness of medium-soft memory foam. But it still provides a strong support that is commonplace with a high gauge innerspring base. To give you a much clearer picture, this mattress stands at 5.5 out of 10 with being the firmest.


The base or what we like calling the bounce section consists of 1000 6-inch 15-gauge pocket spring coils. Most of our readers ask, ‘’ just how many coils are enough?’’ ‘’ do the gauge matter?’’ Without going into technical details, we recommend a coil count of 850-1050 and a 12-15 coil gauge for a queen innerspring or hybrid mattress.

In our opinion, this is the sweet spot for a mattress with a superb balance of comfort, conformity, and support.Thus, we were really excited to find out that the Oliver Smith mattress falls right within this ballpark.

What sleeping postures?

How about your sleep position? Considering its plush firmness, we would recommend Oliver Smith to people who sleep on their back and sides. When sleeping on your back, this mattress might offer you great pressure relief and support. Its well-thought high-gauge coil system means that it won’t have that sinking feeling that traditional memory foam causes. Thus, your spine won’t be thrown off its alignment.

Sleeping on your side on this mattress might feel great too. Its soft pillow top section means that your trouble spots (shoulders and hips) sink just enough to prevent stiffness. In addition, the innerspring system offers all the consistent support that these sections need while offering relief to other smaller parts.

What of stomach snoozers?

Well, while stomach sleepers (below 120lbs) will still enjoy this mattress, it might not be the best for people with a big body frame. Its overly soft feel means that you won’t get the support that your spine requires to maintain a neutral posture. In this case, a firmer mattress is highly recommendable.

Motion isolation

Overall, innerspring and hybrid mattresses are not the best in regard to motion isolation. But this changes when we are talking about a model with individually pocketed springs and a 6-inch memory foam system.

While Oliver Smith is a no match for pure memory foam and latex mattresses, it still does a great job of deadening motion. Generally, this mattress performs above average in this regard. Therefore, it gets my thumps for use by a couple.

Edge support

Edge support matters a great deal if you like sleeping along the edge of the bed. Adrenaline-filled couples also find it a versatile aspect for nighttime activities.

Oliver Smith performs below average here. This is definitely because of the memory foam layer that makes up its comfort section. So, you might want to try out other models if this really matters to you.

Trial Period and Warranties

We always advocate for mattresses with at least 30 days trial period when buying a mattress online. This offers some degree of confidence in case your body does not adjust to the new mattress at all. Unfortunately, neither Oliver Smith nor Amazon mentions a thing about ‘test-driving’ this mattress at home.

Actually, almost all Oliver Smith mattresses don’t offer this convenience. But they all come with a 20-year rock-solid warranty.

What do other users say?

Considering its construction design, I didn’t expect anything short of the positive reports I witnessed from various past buyers across the internet.

Most people generally point out at its comfort, above-average contourability, and great pain relief. A good number of them actually say that it feels like sleeping on a cloud. They even go ahead to compare it to models that are 5 folds pricier.

Final Verdict:

This affordable organic mattress by Oliver Smith is Safe and healthy sleep is a priority for each person. Spending a third of our life sleeping, you should provide your body with an excellent and comfortable bed.

The power of a good night’s sleep should be never underestimated. When we sleep, our body serotonin level and immune system are restored. When we sleep our memories recover. Sleeping is a vital part of our daily functioning that is why a good rest for comfortable sleep is so important and necessary. To do this, it is important to sleep on a mattress that is right for you. Observing the rules of good sleep may lead to the rebirth of new strengths, positive emotions, optimism, energy and a good mood.

This Oliver Smith organic mattress has a big number of necessary and valuable things, which concerns of its functionality and structure. Ultimately, such green foam mattresses offer people the possibility to enjoy all the benefits of memory foam while reducing or eliminating harmful chemicals for peace of mind and comfortable sleep. The mattress should be suitable to one’s individual needs.  This Oliver Smith mattress belongs to those mattresses which provide proper body support, lessen or even avoid back pain. It lets your body relax, comfort, support, softness and proper care during the whole night sleep. That’s why you one of the main everyday tasks is to pay attention to your sleeping needs.

With such well-built mattress construction, you may forget about motion disturbance, neck pain, and back pain. It may be one of the most optimal variants for those, who often suffer from different back issues, complain about terrible sleeping conditions and worry about unsuitable mattress construction. This mattress may gently hug every inch of your body in order to provide a contouring comfort. So, take care of yourself. Take care of your health.








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